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The Ente turistico Lago Maggiore on TOMAS«.

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The Ente turistico Lago Maggiore on TOMAS«.

The lago maggiore destination (Ascona, Locarno, Brissago, Centovalli and Onsernone) will soon use the Destination Management System TOMAS« (30.10.2009).

A mediterranean world in an Alpine setting. The Lago Maggiore stretches between Piedmont and Lombardy, but the upper lake joins Italian speaking Switzerland, giving life to a paradise, uniting the mild climate and a rich mediterranean vegetation with the magnificient presence of majestic mountains, giving access to mystic valleys still feeling the heartbeat of past centuries. A microcosmos with thousands of opportunities to spend a unique holiday or a long vacation - for all those who descend from up north or arrive from the south.

From the beginning of 2010, the lago Maggiore destination will work with the Destination Management System TOMAS« to sell their hotels, apartments and as well their packages, etc. TOMAS« offers an opportunity to sell products though interfaces like and TUI etc.; those are very important sales channels. Due to its high flexibility, all requirements can be illustrated very well and simply in TOMAS«.

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